Presenters & Shows

The beautiful people behind the voices,
behind the microphones, behind the shows!

Graham & Greg's Golden Greats

Join Graham & Greg for lots of banter, interesting facts & entertaining chatter on a weekly journey of top tunes, golden greats and fab musical memories from right across the decades! Catch 'GRAHAM & GREG'S GOLDEN GREATS' on LDOK Radio:

SUNDAYS at 10am - MONDAYS at 7pm - WEDNESDAYS at 3am - THURSDAYS at 9pm - SATURDAYS at 6am

Phil Wizz

Phil Wizz has been presenting radio for a few years now and he's a master of old school sounds having presented programs on Salford City Radio and Manchester Radio Online! Catch 'PHIL WIZZ' on LDOK Radio.

TUESDAYS at 4am - WEDNESDAYS at 4pm - FRIDAYS at 2pm - SUNDAYS at 9am

Creative Support

Creative Support is a high quality provider of person centred social care services for people with learning disabilities, mental health and other needs. Come & join Rhonda Finlayson for a weekly round up of Creative Support related news and a selection of great music. Catch the 'CREATIVE SUPPORT' Radio Show on LDOK Radio.

MONDAYS at 2pm - TUESDAYS at 9pm - THURSDAYS at 7am - SATURDAYS at 4am - SUNDAYS at 1am

Carly Ryan

Come & join Carly, (Star of BBC Television's Autistic Superstars) as she presents a weekly catalogue of magical music and melody, music from the movies, songs from the shows and so much more! Catch 'CARLY RYAN' on LDOK Radio:

SUNDAYS at 4pm - MONDAYS at 3am - TUESDAYS at 10am - THURSDAYS at 7pm - FRIDAYS at 8am

The John Hendrickson Music Show

John Hendrickson presents a heap of requests featuring tracks from across the decades. Come & join him for an eclectic mix of great music! Catch 'The JOHN HENDRICKSON MUSIC SHOW' on LDOK Radio:

MONDAYS at 4pm - TUESDAYS at 2pm - THURSDAYS at 12am - FRIDAYS at Noon

Carousel Radio

Carousel radio presents spoken word, stories, poems & features by people with a learning disability. Each month Carousel present a new show on a new theme. We want to produce your stories, poems and ideas for our show! Send your ideas to Catch 'CAROUSEL RADIO' on LDOK Radio:

MONDAYS at 6pm - WEDNESDAYS at 9pm - THURSDAYS at 8am - SUNDAYS at 5am

Tony’s Time Machine

Come and climb on board 'The Time Machine' with Tony Brierley! Each week Tony visits some great periods in music and welcomes a variety of different and interesting guests, FANTASTIC!


WEDNESDAYS at 11am - THURSDAYS at 8am - FRIDAYS at 1am - SATURDAYS at 6pm

The Power Hour

Come and join the gang from Salford Being Heard as they present 'The Power Hour' featuring thier favourite music and chatting about their favourite things! Catch 'THE POWER HOUR' on LDOK Radio:

SUNDAYS at 8pm - MONDAYS at 1pm - TUESDAYS at 10pm - FRIDAYS at 7am - SATURDAYS at 5pm

The Forever Manchester Radio Show

The FM Radio Show really is "Mancunian to the Core"! Jointly presented by Jennifer Edmundson & Terry Day with guest's, banter and info aimed at supporting Forever Manchester (Greater Manchester's most exciting charity) highlighting and supporting Greater Manchester's communities and it's people.

SUNDAYS at 2pm - MONDAYS at 8am - TUESDAYS at 7pm - WEDNESDAYS at 2pm - FRIDAYS at 3am

The Un-Pop Music Show

JP & Janette present the Un-Pop Music Show which does exactly what is says on the tin by featuring lots of songs and tunes not necessarily heard in the charts. You can catch 'The UN-POP MUSIC SHOW' on LDOK Radio.

SUNDAYS at 11pm - TUESDAYS at Noon - WEDNESDAYS at 5am - THURSDAYS at 3am - SATURDAYS at 8am

One Voice

The One Voice Radio Show in association with Pure Innovations. Catch 'ONE VOICE' on LDOK Radio:

MONDAYS at 10am - WEDNESDAYS at 6pm - THURSDAYS at 6am - FRIDAYS at 6pm

Uniting Friends

Uniting Friends’ provide opportunities for people to take part in social activities which express their unique identities and develop their skills including their very own radio show.


TUESDAYS at 8am - FRIDAYS at 4pm - SATURDAYS at 10am - SUNDAYS at 9pm

Pitch Kontrol

The Pitch Kontrol Radio Show

Catch 'PITCH KONTROL' on LDOK Radio:

WEDNESDAYS at 1am - FRIDAYS at 9pm - SATURDAYS at 11pm

The Stockdales Radio Show

Stockdales make life more accessible and enjoyable for those with learning disabilities by providing a wide range of services, from residential to community-based activities. Come and join Darren & Gary from Stockdales as they present their weekly show. Catch 'THE STOCKDALES RADIO SHOW on LDOK Radio

MONDAYS at 7am - WEDNESDAYS at 10am - THURSDAYS at 11am - SATURDAYS at 4pm - SUNDAYS at 2am

The Indie Jukebox

Welcome to The Indie Jukebox featuring old, new, borrowed and even blue songs, tracks and tunes from indepenent artistis, singer songwriters and unsigned bands from now and then and way back when! Catch 'THE INDIE JUKEBOX' on LDOK Radio

TUESDAYS at 5am - WEDNESDAYS at 1pm - THURSDAYS at 5am - FRIDAYS at 11pm - SATURDAYS at 10pm

Pure Soul

Come & join LDOK's Queen of Soul Rhonda Finlayson for an hour of simple uninterupted SOUL

Catch 'PURE SOUL' on LDOK Radio:

MONDAYS at 3pm - TUESDAYS at 6pm - WEDNESDAYS at 7am - THURSDAYS at 11pm - SATURDAYS at Noon

Stepping Stones Across the Airwaves

The Official Radio Show of Stepping Stones Across the Spectrum presented by & promoting the Autistic Community & its members

Catch 'Stepping Stones across the Airwaves' on LDOK Radio:

MONDAYS at 11am - WEDNESDAYS at 7pm - FRIDAYS at 5am - SATURDAYS at 2pm

Bury College

Students from Bury College present their weekly topic including jokes & top tunes

Catch 'Bury College' on LDOK Radio:

MONDAYS at 5am - TUESDAYS at 4pm - WEDNESDAYS at 8am - FRIDAYS at 10am - SUNDAYS at 3am<

Care Activities

The Care Activities Radio Show

Catch 'Care Activities' on LDOK Radio:

TUESDAYS at 3am - WEDNESDAYS at 5pm - FRIDAYS at 3pm - SUNDAYS at 8am

Positive Spin

Dave McFarlane presents The Positive Spin Radio Show

Catch 'Positive Spin' on LDOK Radio:

MONDAYS at 11pm - WEDNESDAYS at 10pm - THURSDAYS at Noon - SATURDAYS at 12am - SUNDAYS at 6pm

LDOK Rocks

A weekly colletion of uniterupted classic rock ballads and anthems

Catch 'Catch LDOK Rocks on LDOK Radio:

TUESDAYS at 1am - THURSDAYS at 4pm - FRIDAYS at 7pm - SATURDAYS at 2am - SUNDAYS at 12am

Terry Day 'CHATS' to Our Greg

Terry & Greg present a humour based round up of the bizzare happenings, events & situations that people find themselves in

Catch 'Terry Day Chats to Our Greg on LDOK Radio:

TUESDAYS at 7am - THURSDAYS at 6pm - SATURDAYS at 5am